Sundays with An and Barclay

Visiting my good friend An and Barclay in her studio/home in DC. An and I met back at George Mason University in the art department. We were both graphic designers who hung out in the printmaking studio, and both champions at procrastinating to the point of panic - I'm talking about “the project we've had three weeks to do is due in ten hours” levels of procrastination. You tend to bond with someone when they have that same panic-stricken look on their face at two in the morning in a big empty art studio (we looked like this all the time). Thankfully we both grew up, kinda, and An is the reason why I'm part of the Lemon Bowl. She recommended me to Ms. Holley as a possible workshop teacher and the rest is history. An also teaches at the Bowl (fabric dyeing), is a fearless traveler, works at ISL, creates beautiful florals, and is just a funny and creative spirit. Love her to bits. 

Sundays with An & Barclay - full photo set

Work it: Jan 31 Watercolor Tableware Workshop

Here are a few photos from my watercolor tableware workshop this past weekend. It was awesome to be at The Lemon Bowl, an amazing space led by amazing creative people. We started with some cookies (recipe soon!) and I shared the basics of how to watercolor paint plates. Basically: dab, drip, drop, swirl, dry, swirl. We were also supposed to discuss entertaining basics, but everyone was so focused on their swirls and drips that I couldn't bear to distract them with table setting chatter. I was so impressed with everyone's creativity, maybe they should have been the ones teaching ME! Thanks to Holley & The Lemon Bowl, my friend TJ for shooting video and schlepping all the things, and everyone who came to my first workshop at The Lemon Bowl - my first workshop ever! So looking forward to the next workshops - this Saturday and February 27 (two spots left!). See all the photos here and keep an eye out for the video! 

Two spots left for the February 27: 10 am workshop! I'm going to make a doughnut cake!