Work it: Jan 31 Watercolor Tableware Workshop

Here are a few photos from my watercolor tableware workshop this past weekend. It was awesome to be at The Lemon Bowl, an amazing space led by amazing creative people. We started with some cookies (recipe soon!) and I shared the basics of how to watercolor paint plates. Basically: dab, drip, drop, swirl, dry, swirl. We were also supposed to discuss entertaining basics, but everyone was so focused on their swirls and drips that I couldn't bear to distract them with table setting chatter. I was so impressed with everyone's creativity, maybe they should have been the ones teaching ME! Thanks to Holley & The Lemon Bowl, my friend TJ for shooting video and schlepping all the things, and everyone who came to my first workshop at The Lemon Bowl - my first workshop ever! So looking forward to the next workshops - this Saturday and February 27 (two spots left!). See all the photos here and keep an eye out for the video! 

Two spots left for the February 27: 10 am workshop! I'm going to make a doughnut cake!