The Standard Barbershop

I'm not a dude, obviously (hopefully obviously!?), so I don't really have any cause to visit barbershops. Unless, of course, that barbershop happens to be The Standard Barbershop in Fairfax, Virginia, where my sister is the receptionist/manager and they (the good staff of The Standard) need portraits and photos for their website. From my morning spent at the Standard, I can happily and enthusiastically recommend to my gentlemen friends and readers to frequent the Standard if you're in need of a haircut, beard trim, or dope-ass fade. Make sure to say hi to my sister and Sega, the family/shop dog. 

The Standard Barbershop | See the full photo set


owner/barber Tommy Cheung

Inyoung, barber

Frank, barber

Alina, receptionist/manager/my sister! and Wendy, owner

Amber and Andee, barbers at work

Andee, barber

The Standard team

Marco, barber

it's me! (and Sega. and my sister. and Frank.)