Bolivian cuisine

Mami pequiña vs. planchita enorme

Bolivian food with my honorary Bolivian family (you too, Nate & Christian) at Luzmary in Falls Church! Larry and Alé have decided that Luzmary has the best salteñas in the area:  the thinnest crust with the best not-too-sweet filling. My go-to is pique macho, the quintessential Bolivian drunk food of french fries, hot dogs, steak, jalapeño, onion, tomato, boiled eggs and served with ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. It blew my mind when Chef Larry made it for family meal at the Fair one day. Any cuisine that loves hot dogs as much as Lao people (one of these days I'll make hot dog nyam, i.e. hot dog salad, for you to see) is aces in my book. Last night, however, I ordered chicharrones (fried pork with potato & corn), very tasty, though Alé's mom ordered the planchita (imagine all the things you'd want on one sizzling platter) and I was a little envious until she shared some hot dog with me. I've mentioned hot dogs at least three times in this paragraph. I'm not that obsessed with hot dogs, I swear.  

Just describing the pique macho has made me super hungry so off I go in search of coffee and breakfast. This afternoon is a bbq at Casa de Rachel y Travis, photos later! 

Smallest person at the table = biggest dish ordered. 100% gangsta.