Je suis un ananas!

Photos from today's watercolor tableware workshop at The Lemon Bowl! Thank you to everyone who attended and I hope to see you for the picnic workshops. (I still have to suss out details but by the power of Grayskull am I ready for proper picnic weather). Xoxo to Ms. Holley for the monstera leaves which inspired my table design, aka why I now have five pineapples. Upside down cake and pineapple tea for all! 

March 20 Watercolor Tableware Workshop | Photo Album


- I met the super nice Shelli Martinez before her arm knitting workshop. It just happens she's a fellow graphic designer in Alexandria~ (Of course, I didn't discover that until just now.)

- Today's molasses gingersnaps and macadamia nut-chocolate chip cookies were from Mom's Apple Pie Bakery in Occoquan. I really wanted to bake for the workshop, but I also enjoy sleeping so. 

- All succulents and general gold animal adorableness are from Holley's Still Life terrarium classes - the plesiosaur and brachiosaur are my favorite. The ostriches too, but they never stand for me.  

- Happy birthday to lovely workshop attendee Julia! Hope you had a wonderful birthday brunch! 

- If you didn't get the Telefrançais! reference, here's a Youtube clip