Monica + Russell

I love weddings. I also love shooting them, though I would not consider myself a proper wedding photographer. The handful of weddings I've photographed have been for close friends, and smaller or destination weddings at that. Monica and Russell's wedding, at the gorgeous Missouri Botanical Garden back in 2015, was one of my first weddings. There was a hot air balloon festival that day, a Chihuly exhibit at the gardens, and three other weddings in the near vicinity. 

I attended seven weddings in 2015, shot one of them, and was in two of them. I figured if I'm slowly (but surely!) going to post wedding photos, then I might as well start from the very beginning. 

Monica + Russell | Full Photo Set

In case you were wondering, Monica and Russell live happily in DC and are expecting their first child. He is the executive chef at Jack Rose Dining Saloon and she works for Dinner Lab. I love those two.