Sarah, Raul, Luke, Henley, and Tallulah

I have lots and lots and lots and lots to catch up on photo editing, and I promise I eventually will, but for now here's a preview of family photos I did with my coworkers Raul & Sarah (Restaurant Eve and PX, respectively) and their adorable kiddos, aka my new best friends that I bribed with ice cream. I heart this family!

Mango & Coconut Rice Popsicles

I'm from Virginia. I'm very familiar with humidity and mosquitoes. That being said, today was 99 degrees and felt like 110. Eff. That. Ess. Here's a recipe for mango & coconut rice popsicles to help you cool down from this satan's armpit of a summer. Made it in the flavor of my people, because a. mango & coconut rice is my jam and b. as someone whose motherland is a tropical climate - I definitely can not stand the heat. 

Side note, the killer thing about these popsicles it that they're more rice than liquid, and therefore don't melt as quickly. Score! Double side note: I'm teaching a styling and food photography workshop in ONE week at the Lemon Bowl! Few spots left! I'm incredibly excited about this one. Hope you can join! 

Tickets to Aug 20 Styling & Food Photo Workshop

Mango & Coconut Rice Popsicles

- 1-2 mangoes, cubed
- 1 can of coconut milk
- 3/4 cup of jasmine rice
- 3/4 cup of water
- 1/3 cup of sugar
- 1 cup of milk (I used whole, but feel free to use almond or coconut)
- fresh coconut, shredded (optional)
- black and white sesame seeds for topping (also optional)

- Make rice: Mix water, sugar, shredded coconut, and half the coconut milk into a medium saucepan. Simmer until sugar is dissolved. Add the rice and turn the heat to low. 
- Cook until liquid is absorbed and rice is soft, about twenty minutes. Remove from heat, add remainder of coconut milk and the cup of whatever other milk you're using. You're looking for the consistency of oatmeal, or y'know, cooked rice with more milk in it. 
- Stir in mango and season to taste with sugar. (the 1/3 c. was fine for me, but I'm not one for very sweet desserts. In fact, I may add some salt next time around.)
- Set aside to cool. Once cool, pour into popsicle molds and put in freezer to set for a few hours. 
- Sprinkle with sesame seeds and enjoy! 

more photos  | original recipe via Sun Diego Eats


Sundays with An and Barclay

Visiting my good friend An and Barclay in her studio/home in DC. An and I met back at George Mason University in the art department. We were both graphic designers who hung out in the printmaking studio, and both champions at procrastinating to the point of panic - I'm talking about “the project we've had three weeks to do is due in ten hours” levels of procrastination. You tend to bond with someone when they have that same panic-stricken look on their face at two in the morning in a big empty art studio (we looked like this all the time). Thankfully we both grew up, kinda, and An is the reason why I'm part of the Lemon Bowl. She recommended me to Ms. Holley as a possible workshop teacher and the rest is history. An also teaches at the Bowl (fabric dyeing), is a fearless traveler, works at ISL, creates beautiful florals, and is just a funny and creative spirit. Love her to bits. 

Sundays with An & Barclay - full photo set

Jaew bong ribs & cucumber salad

Spare ribs marinated in jaew bong (Lao chili paste of garlic, chilies, galangal, pork skin, fish sauce, and about a hundred more ingredients), cucumber salad (thinly-sliced cucumber, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and chilies), rice that I made with too much water (dear god, please don't tell my mom), and iced Kona coffee from a can. 

I'm not going to write a proper recipe, but I will give you this: 

  1. Ribs were cooked at 350°F - 30 minutes one side, 30 minutes other side. 
  2. UCC Hawaiian Kona coffee with milk, purchased from H Mart.
  3. One of these days I'll write about the tried & true trick of cooking rice by the knuckle method. Apparently I didn't do it right today. I've brought so much dishonor upon my family, despite the rice being mushy and delicious.  

I made too much if anyone wants to come over. That, or I'm set for the next few days. I'm also trying to post more often, in case you're wondering why I may post in rapid-fire succession. 

Great minds and good friends surprise each other with sweets

I met with Sohe today to plan her wedding photos (legit excited for that photoshoot - all the wedding fun but zero guests) and, y'know, catch up on life. I dropped off peach empanadas to PRB and she surprised me with a rainbow heart love cookie! Great minds and good friends surprise each other with sweets. We also met the sweetest puppy and had two dinners. Does oyster happy hour count as dinner?

Gochujang with chef Angel Barreto

I had the great pleasure of photographing a friend of mine, chef Angel Barreto of The Source by Wolfgang Puck (and my friend Brandi's beau), and a few dishes he was trying out for his culinary repertoire. For example: Japanese Curry emulsified with uni, Icelandic cod crusted with black tiger shrimp, English peas, roasted fingerling potatoes and chili oil - he's definitely going somewhere, y'all, and I'm not just saying that because Asian cuisine is near and dear to my heart. In fact, I'm saying it BECAUSE Asian cuisine is near and dear to my heart. The word fusion runs a cold shiver down my spine (get it, get it? cold fusion, low-energy nuclear reactions?) but Angel's food combines spectacular ingredients, modern technique, and my beloved Asian flavor profiles. It was a real pleasure watching him work and I loved spending time with them in the kitchen (she's a trained pastry chef & current manager at Restaurant Eve). Even better, I loved tasting everything after putting down my camera in between dishes. Follow him on instagram. 

Angel Barreto | Full Photo Set